Book & lyrics by Jan-Erik Sääf/Håkan Bjerking, music Jan-Erik Sääf


Ian Fleming the man who created James Bond. A man who lead an even more exciting life than the iconic figure he created. 

He was born into money but chose to lead a life as a spy, a gambler, a womaniser and a journalist whose sharp pen even defeated Stalin. He encountered success but also love, loss and failure. It’s also the journey of a storyteller. When he starts to write the first of his iconic books our story ends.

We have for four years through readings and rewrites developed a full-length musical that now is ready for the stage. The music is a grand rock score with many catchy tunes, which of course, has lots of references to those songs from the films that we all know. We intend it to be a very entertaining and thrilling story from 1st to last bar.

The story behind

Håkan got the idea some years ago. And went all the way to London to meet with the Fleming family.Then he met Jan-Erik. Through four years of writing and rewriting and with the creative consultation of Rob Hartman it’s now ready for success!

Size and cast

A full-length musical. Five leads with an ensemble. 



A sizzle reel 2021 featuring Rasmus Mononen, Kim Bergkvist and Kristina Hahne